Granite and Marble in Aurora are Excellent Renovation Materials

Granite and marble counters are a familiar choice in many homes in Aurora, both new and old. The gorgeous design and stunning colour make these effortless materials blend with any décor. Granite and marble are also an affordable update to your kitchen and bathroom. The natural stones' colourings and striations are often imitated in manufactured countertop materials such as laminate. This is a compliment to granite and marble as a truly beautiful natural stone. It is further validation of the stunning qualities these natural stones carry.
Pros and Cons of Marble
Being a natural stone does afford granite and marble strength and durability. However, marble is also a porous stone. This makes maintaining your marble countertops a little more demanding than some other stone or laminate options. When used as a kitchen or bathroom countertop, care must be taken when spills occur. Wiping them immediately will prevent staining which could prove very costly to remove. Marble kitchen countertops are heat resistant; however care needs to be taken when placing very hot objects directly on marble as this can cause irreversible staining that will ruin your investment. Keeping these things in mind when using your marble countertops will help to assure their beauty and integrity for many years to come.
Pros and Cons of Granite
Granite is also a very durable natural stone. It isn't porous like marble however. When granite is used as countertops in a kitchen or bathroom it does amazingly well. This stone can withstand the demands of daily use and comes out shining all the way. Granite is extremely heavy, and therefore, the area where it will be placed must have proper reinforcement to ensure it can stand up under the pressure of this stunning stone.
Beautiful Natural Stone
There is no denying the beauty of granite and marble countertops. Their splendor and soft natural shine adds value and visual appeal to any home. Marble's natural crystallization occurs during its formation, and this is what causes its marvelous sparkle and shine. Granite also undergoes a magnificent formation process. It is through this formation that granite gets its stunning and unique designs and patterning. These durable stones have been a preferred choice in building material for many years because of their strength, versatility, durability and unmatched beauty.
Is Granite or Marble for You?
Granite and marble are 2 very popular stones. Marble tends to be slightly less costly than granite however. If you really appreciate the beauty of either stone, and you have a tighter budget, you may want to choose marble for your upgrade. If you definitely must have granite, there is always the possibility of using both materials together. A granite countertop with a marble backsplash would make a stunning combination that would have all of your visitors swooning. If money isn't a huge consideration, then deciding between the 2 could be purely preference. The practicality of granite as a countertop in a kitchen or bathroom should definitely be weighed in when you are coming to a decision. Whatever you finally decide, you can rest comfortably knowing that your granite and marble stone in Aurora will give you a lifetime of useful splendor.